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09/23/14 03:02 PM #3    

Richard Ginnett






I've tried to identify some of the people in this photo.

09/24/14 09:52 AM #4    

Patricia Wild (DiFiore)

Mark Holmes is standing to the left of Mike Teubner. Bill Moody, also known as Will, is standing to the the right of Mike. 

What a great photo!

Pat Wild DiFiore 

09/24/14 10:47 AM #5    

Donald Bailey

Second row behide Kelley and and in front of Coach Mann is Danny Long, Top row second from the left of Coach Mann is David Critzer

09/24/14 12:04 PM #6    

Theresa LaValley (Levy)

It's MARK KELLY front row left, DON JONES front row right

our 68 yearbook is at - Thanks Irene Sheridan for doing that

09/24/14 12:59 PM #7    

Robert (Rusty) Olmert

It's Richard Mossay( I think )-to his left is Tom Joudrey. Left of Randy W. is Bill Flynn. Front row, left of Mitch Long is Steve Butler. Right of Mitch Long is David Moody, Bill's brother. Between Jim Oles and Bill Moody is Don Bulmer. Right of Danny Long is Paul Van Cleef. 

09/24/14 02:15 PM #8    

Barbara Becke (Smith)

Second row, third from left is Steve Carpenter, class of '69.  I was proud of myself for knowing many of the others, but they have already been identified.  Good job!  And, what a fun photo!

09/25/14 11:57 AM #9    

Charles Reynolds

To the left of Don Jones I think is Leo Lewis.

09/25/14 08:43 PM #10    


Gary Kipple

front row-second from left-steve butler

09/25/14 08:45 PM #11    


Gary Kipple

back row-third from left-bill falzone

09/26/14 01:13 AM #12    

Janice Penelope Brown (Delano)

I don't see Don Bailey at all. I agree the one just in front of the coach is Danny Long.   I dated both Danny and Don. I haven't seen Danny since graduation   I remember his high forehead. I saw Don in the late 89's but not since then.  Don still looked pretty much the same.  I didn't see anyone that looked to me like Don.  What was this picture from?  

09/26/14 10:24 AM #13    

Theresa LaValley (Levy)

Don Bailey in answer to your question to me HOW TO POST PHOTOS, after log in select messge forum from left column, select post response button top of white space, a "word" type heading icon strip will appear with space to input your typed words, etc.  Select the PHOTO icon top row 2nd left (looks like hills & sun) then paste your photo.  when complete SUBMIT and bingo it's on the forum page.

09/26/14 10:49 AM #14    

Theresa LaValley (Levy)

a few left to be identified >>  back row Coach Mann's immediately right ???, and back row 2 guys to right of Jim Oles are  ???, ???

also Don Bailey (messge #5) identified 2nd from Coach Mann as Dave Critzer but Gary Kipple (message #11)identified him as Bill Falzone (yearbook images) family name speeling is Massey

this has been fun

09/26/14 11:07 AM #15    

Donald Bailey

Thank you Theresa for the info on how to post a picture.

Also I thought the picture was Dave Critzer because he was a very good ballplayer as was Tim Chaney and I am surprise neither one of them where on the team.

09/26/14 09:15 PM #16    

Theresa LaValley (Levy)

A special message to our members.  There is a disclaimer on this site for “Missing Classmates”.  The names listed are there because of a non-working email address - that is probably true for many.  Don’t be fooled by the over 400 names listed- they’re not all “missing”.  For reunion planning purposes, it’s not cost effective to make personal phone calls or produce mass mailings.  We’re in the age of instant electronic contact.  So what better way to reach our classmates then through our own alumni site?

I’m sure many received the initial announcement about this site in early 2013.  But, for whatever reason have chosen not to join.  Possibly they forgot, they don’t use email or have changed their email address, think they’ll receive reunion info via other social-media sites (face book, or, thought if their spouse had joined they wouldn’t need to, have passed away or just aren’t interested.

Here’s a few more thoughts on that list of alums who are listed.

John Gonge was listed as deceased on Sept 2010

Steve Hutcheson has been assumed deceased for over 25 years

Jerry Jones is listed as deceased on passing away 3/20/1994

Linda Roy passed away 10/01/2010

Jens Rygh, committee member, doesn’t use email or social media

Dennis Seaman, committee member, doesn’t use email or social media

Nancy Sharp is married to Rob Yesheck

Nancy Sladen is married to Pete Peterson

Open the “Missing Classmates” list - Who Can You Personally Contact by phone, text or social-media to join  If you recognize a name and have their email address, click on that name and send a pre-formatted email invite from this site.  Couldn’t be easier.

Do you recognize anyone who’s passed away, then select the Notify Me link and send a message to the site.

I’ll reach out via Face Book to:  Tim Chaney, Pat Fry, Daniel Herbst, Edmund Hubard, Terry Hurley, Robert Kobilis, Bill Liddicoet, Stephen Packett, Francis Ryan, Sylvania Santa Ana, and Donald Smith.

Working together we can whittle this “missing” list down to a reasonable 20% of our class.

09/27/14 11:05 AM #17    

Irene Sheridan

"Theresa LaValley Levy

It's MARK KELLY front row left, DON JONES front row right

our 68 yearbook is at - Thanks Irene Sheridan for doing that"


You're quite welcome, Theresa...that was my pleasure, indeed.



09/28/14 09:04 AM #18    

Barbara Becke (Smith)

Pretty sure it's Dave Critzer.

09/28/14 02:20 PM #19    

Alice (Lisa) Ruby (Marshall)

I agree with Barbara that it's David Critzer, and second from left on front row is Rim Gardner, class of '69.

07/15/15 09:08 AM #20    

Scott Buell

When was this picture taken? I only went to Crossland my Senior Year. The guys I knew look younger than I remember. Anyone know the whereabouts of Bill Flynn? I haven't seen or heard anything about him since the mid 70's. Was also wondering about Rusty Olmert but saw him pop up on this forum.

07/16/15 07:50 AM #21    


John Hertzler

That is a great picture!  I haven't seen a picture of Mark Holmes....ever!  He and Mike Teubner were my best friends in junior high... Taney Jr. High.  And hello to Rusty whom I also haven't seen forever!  I was just talking to my daughter about you yesterday...that you were the "cool" one...drummers always were.  Lord, I miss those days.  I guess we all do to some degree.  Thank you, Theresa and all who have worked so hard in creating and maintaining this website.  As to the time of the must have been in junior high, maybe our 9th grade year.  Is it the baseball team, I wonder?  Mr. Mann was the coach and phys ed teacher at Taney, yes?  Anyway...I miss you all.  Lived in California for 30 years and got back to maybe one reunion...missing this year again.  Daughter, Hanna, in high school up here in upstate NY.  I tell her stories about high school and the Wakes....Teubner, Jens, Kenuto, Rusty, and Ron...our self produced band party at "Hertzler's Armpit"  as Teubner lovingly referred to the half-barracks in my back yard....(his father,General Teubner, took the other half or that could be an errant memory only of mine) ....anyway...memories are mysterious and wonderful things.  Best wishes to all and I hope to see you again sooner than later.  jgh

07/16/15 07:54 AM #22    


John Hertzler

Funny...I can't remember why I sent this picture of myself in 1990 in a show in LA...I am in the pith helmet.  Its from "Breaker Morant" and the other fella is Steffen Foster from South Africa...among my best lifetime friends.  But why I ever brought it to this forum is a mystery....Not sure how to change it!  Doesn't matter really.  jgh

07/16/15 09:04 PM #23    


David Critzer

I posted a response to the Taney Baseball team on Richard Ginnetts Profile page about our classes last game

07/17/15 05:20 PM #24    

Mark Ashley

I'd posted something snarly here yesterday, which I've just deleted. I was wondering why I would have been so negative in the first place - then, waking up this morning, I remembered. Mr. Richel - think that was the spelling - home room and English in the seventh grade at Taney. He was a monster. Does any remember him? That he selected, by his own mysterious criteria at the beginning of the school year, the "row leaders" who would be his favorites for the rest of the year; that he took the row leaders boating, filmed the day, then showed the movie to the rest of us; that he wondered, aloud why the rest of us couldn't rise to their example? I remember that we all endured his abuses in silence, but that it was a row leader who finally snapped - I wish I could remember her name - told her parents, and started the reaction that would ultimately rein him in. My only year at Taney, as my Dad was transferred to War College in Alabama the next year. My relief at moving to Alabama was short-lived (1963, for God's sake).

07/22/16 11:16 PM #25    


David Price

Thank you to our Reunion Committee who has already planned our 50th reunion! You all are awesome!

One suggestion - could you post the info here? There are several sites that have been used over the years but this one seems to be the one you all have settled on. It works well and I never get junk email from this site.

Thanks again!

Dave Price

07/24/16 10:16 AM #26    

Roger Stultz

Mr. Mann works part time at ledo'pizza in Charlotte Hall I am sure he would like to see anyone of you. Don't know his hours but sure you could ask. The reuion committie maybe would like to ask him to the reuion.


01/02/17 05:19 PM #27    


Thomas Tankersley

I get to see Mr. Mann occasionally, when my wife and I visit Hughesville where my parents live.  He told me he is at Ledo's by McKays usually on Fridays helping his daughter, who owns the restaurant.  I know, he would be happy to see you, if you have a chance to stop.  My Dad is 89 and use to coach many of Crossland football players on the Morningside/Camp Springs Boys Club.  He would, also, be happy to see you guys when your in town.

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